How I Solved My Problem with BV For Good

I had BV and I had very low self-esteem because of it. But, I found my solution.

Hello, dear visitor, my name is Danielle.

Home remedies for BV are there, you just need to find them. I hope my experience will help you to get rid of your BV too, read my story.

I was searching for an answer to my problems and I want to know how to treat BV at home and what are most effective home remedies for BV. I collected all this information and I wanted to share my experience with all of you.

There are so tips all over the web on how to treat BV. There are some useful stuff, but most of them are pretty general.

I recommended to start with these articles:

What is BV?

BV Symptoms

Causes and symptoms

First, I must say that I am an ordinary girl, I lead very boring life. I did not had too much sexual partners, and I had no idea about Bacterial vaginosis before. My first advice is – if you have any type of problem “below”, near your intimate area, you need to talk to your GP first, and to ask for an advice.

home remedies for bv

But, it is not a bad idea to check online for more information about bacterial vaginosis, what it is exactly, and what are symptoms of BV. There are many women like me who shared their experience about this condition, and you can definitely find useful info about it. Also, there are home remedies for bv, treatments you can use at home, but remember one thing – don’t use any type of home remedy before you talk to your doctor first.

What should you do?

Five most useful home remedies for BV can be found in your local store or organic shop. But, don’t use too many natural remedies at home, because you can make your condition even worse. Five most beneficial remedies to use at home are: apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, garlic, tee tree oil, or e-books that have step-by-step guide on how to eliminate your bacterial vaginosis for good. You can read more about it below.

If your doctor thinks that home remedies can be helpful in treating your condition, you can try these methods at your home without fear of making your condition even worse.

For me, first symptom was vaginal discharge with fishy odor, right after sexual intercourse. But, this is not only symptom you can notice. Other symptoms are:

    • vaginal pain,
    • increased fluid,
    • burning.

It didn’t happened to me before, and I was very afraid when I noticed this. My doctor told me that, in numerous cases, bacterial vaginosis is not serious condition, but if you are pregnant or if you are planning pregnancy, it is best thing to check with your doctor do you really have bacterial vaginosis or maybe something else.

What causes bacterial vaginosis?

What is Bacterial Vaginosis anyway? It is a condition that belongs to a group of unspecific vaginitis, It is mild infection caused by dis-balance of bacteria the vagina. It was known as Gardnerella vaginitis, but scientists later discovered that not only Gardnerella cause vaginosis, but there are also other type of bacteriae which can lead to vaginitis.

BV is a condition that no woman can talk about openly. Fortunately, there are several BV natural remedies which you can use at home, especially if you already used antibiotics and it didn’t work. Home remedies for BV are numerous, but don’t make a mistake and don’t use something that will not going to help you at all. You don’t have time to waste? Check out my recommendation what to use at home. List will be updated as soon as I find out about new useful herbs and products. If you have something to share with me, leave your comment below and share your knowledge.

Remember, my recommendation is not intended to replace the advice of your GP, gynecologist or your doctor. I disclaim any liability for the decisions you make based on this information.

First, I can tell you what NOT to use – dairy products with lactobacillus acidophilus only. This cannot cure bacterial vaginosis, because this is not same type of bacteria which can be found in your vagina.

Home and natural remedies for BV

Follow some of these steps in case you want to treat bacterial vaginosis at home. Most useful home remedies for BV are:

1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is acidic, and it can be your best friend in order to get rid of bacterial vaginosis. Mix one tsp. of vinegar with two cups of water and douche once a day. Also, you can add half a cup of apple cider vinegar when you take a bath.


Garlic is natural antibiotic, and it also has anti-fungal characteristics. Wrap garlic in cotton gauze and gently apply into your vagina for twenty or thirty minutes every day. Although it smells bad, you can eat garlic every day for better results.

3. Hydrogen peroxide

50/50 combination of hydrogen peroxide and water douche can also be very effective, Read more about this study: In this study, women used 30 ml of 3 % hydrogen peroxide for three months. But, don’t start treatment with hydrogen peroxide before you consult your doctor, just in case. Only downside of this method is that it can help you only temporary.

4.Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis and other types of vaginitis. Besides this oil, you can also try coconut oil, along with change of diet habits. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day in order to supplant your body with vitamins and minerals.

Important notice: I found many information that oregano oil can help you to eliminate bacterial vaginosis, along with calendula, tea bags, and many other products and herbs. I don’t recommend to use all these at the same time, because some of those things can affect your hormones and who knows what else. You can make your condition even worse if you use dozens of products at the same time, and my advice is to try just two or three home remedies from this list.

Although many people recommend vitamin C for treating BV at home, I personally would not recommend it, because some tablets contain additives, and it can make your condition even worse, it can cause burning and itching.

Step by Step Home Remedies for BV?

Besides many home remedies, there are several well researched digital books which offers complete guide to get rid of bacterial vaginosis at home. You can read more about it in these two books: BV Freedom and  BV No More. These two books offer step by step guide to eliminate bacterial vaginosis for good, and you don’t have to worry about right dosage of supplements and products you can use at home. You will have all details and recommendations written down at one place, in case you got stuck or confused.

BV Freedom Review

Let me write a little bit more about these two books. First, Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom is written by Elena Peterson, medical researcher who was also former BV sufferer. She found a combination of three ingredients which can help you to eliminate bacterial vaginosis in only three days. You can find  these ingredients in your near-by local store, but you need to follow this step-by-step guide in order to get rid of BV for good. These three ingredients are most efficient home remedies for bv. After you implement method from Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom, you will no longer feel:

  • itching and burning,
  • embarrassment while you have sex,
  • discomfort near your intimate area.

Health of your vagina is affected by food you are eating. Elena discovered that antibiotics can make this condition worse if you use them for longer period of time.

If you want to:

  • get your sex life back,
  • feel fresh and clean,
  • get rid of fishy odor,
  • eliminate BV for good,

click on this link or image below to download Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom.


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BV No more Review

BV No More guide is useful guide written by Jennifer O’ Brien, certified nutrition specialist and former BV sufferer. She offers five step method to eliminate symptoms of BV in just  72 hours, and to fix root of your bacterial vaginosis in one to two months.

With BV No More, you will learn how to:

  • treat BV,
  • restore your natural pH balance,
  • stop BV related issues,
  • eliminate symptoms of BV,
  • and more!

This is one hundred percent guaranteed system to cure BV forever! There are thousands of women who are grateful to Jennifer, and you can read their success stories here. You must realize that there are way too many information on how to use home remedies for BV, but not every information is useful.

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When you receive your copy of BV No More, you will get:

  • step by step guide to eliminate BV,
  • learn everything about bacterial vaginosis,
  • top ten foods you should NEVER eat again if you don’t want BV to come back,
  • top ten food you should eat every day,
  • shocking facts about BV treatment,
  • several anti-BV supplements compiler by twelve years research,
  • and many more!

Along this book, you will receive tons of completely free bonus books, and SUPER BONUS – free counseling with Jennifer!

Read more about BV No More here.

Have you tried any of these methods at home? Share with me and my readers if you did in comments area below.

And remember, there is nothing embarrassing about BV condition. It can happen to everyone, and it is not your fault because you have Bacterial Vaginosis. But, you must remember one thing – you can get rid of BV, you just need to be persistent and you must never give up!

If you have any kind of question, suggestion or if you want to share your experience with others, contact me or leave a comment, and I will be glad to publish your story.